How to pair my device with another A/C model?




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    I am very disaapointed with the product. I ordered the 2-pod setup and since August, i have not been able to setup
    1. the pods cannot detect my remote. Always getting "Incomplete Signal Identified. Try Again"
    2. When it is able to finally detect the signal, I place the pod next to the aircon and press the side-button on the pod. Nothing happened!

    Despite removing the pod and doing the setup more than 30 times, I still cannot get it working.

    I would like a refund!!!

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    Hi Bernard - we didn't get a reply from you for our latest support email. I can see you used your pod ~2 days ago, did it not work since? I see only one pod, what happened to the other one? Let's solve this together, I'll send you a follow up email.

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    Hi, I am very sorry for the late reply as I have been away and not using the Sensibo since my last attempt. I will be installing the 2 pods this weekend. One of the pods have been setup and the other is still in the box. For the used pod, I intend to install it on a different AC. Pls advise how I reset this pod to redo the setup. Thank you

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    Avigail Friedland

    Hi Bernard - to switch A/Cs for your pod, you can simply change it's remote in the app (and of course change the pod's name if you like). For further assistance, please email us at

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