I got a low batteries indication in the app - what now?




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    petar spralja

    Iv loaded my batteries but the batteries is still still showing the batteries is low.

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    Ian Cornfoot

    I also have replaced the batteries in all 3 of my Sensibo pods and the low battery indicator remains. Is there any way to resolve this?

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    this is a bug in the app. Quit the app and re-launch it and it will go away

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    I changed the batteries, quit the app and re-launched it but it didnt work. It still showing the batteries are slow.

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    Rupert White

    I am having this issue as well. With just one of my Sensibo classics. I set it up and it worked fine for a week and then stopped working. Sensibo customer support said low battery was problem. I changed batteries but oddly the low battery indicator remained. I ignored it, but three weeks later same sensibo stopped working, still low battery light. I replaced batteries a second time (brand new Duracell each time). Sensibo works but low battery indicator remains.

    The other two sensibo classics have been used an equal amount and have not needed battery change.

    Any ideas?

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