Sensibo didn't recognize my remote




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    Alexis Peaecy

    I was gifted mine and trying to change the AC unit remote is a fail. Remote works fine from great distances for both of my AC units but this app doesn't recognize the remote gives some cryptic error. Something about the IR responding or something and then says oh we dont know this remote and then i have to send the remote and AC model.

    I really hate that the advertisement states any AC with a remote but that doesnt seem to be the case.

    ANd still no reply from the support email. I need these to work because i am about to have back surgery and i need them badly.

    So disappointed. Cant believe there is no complete factory reset available for the hub and pods.

    Wow. this has caused me so much upset.

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    Avigail Friedland

    Hi Alexis, we don't work weekends (which are Friday and Saturday here), that's why it took us a bit longer to get back to you.
    It seems like your pods were given to you with pretty low batteries and that's why you've encountered issues. We've also replied to your emails via our support system. Please check them out and let us know how things went after the battery replacement.

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    Ehab Badawi

    i am having the same issue, my Pods are not recognizing the air-conditioner remotes, which is really frustrating

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